Gwen Swan Interiors. is an international Environmental Design / Natural Elements Design / Interior/Exterior Design Firm & General Contractor based in South Africa, that focuses on environmental art and ecological art integration within indoors and outdoors space-specific projects that will succinctly create an impact on social change.

Our Theory of Change embraces problematics, which we will develop:

  • A narrative with a problem statement, the hypothesis of change, and an assessment of the evidence base

  • A diagram visualizing the causal pathway, and details of the intermediary steps

  • A framework for monitoring and evaluation

Our Principles of design integrate plants, aquatic plants, moss, grass, wood, trees, metals, water, fish, glass, acrylic, lighting, LED lighting, lightbox, silk screen prints, canvas, paint, epoxy, phosphorus, acid, fog, mist, irrigation systems, science, technologies, artificial intelligence, sensors, wind, solar energy, hydraulics, 3D sculptures, and any and many artworks and art forms to create a web of inter-relational impacts in all human aspects.

Our Approach comes from a multi-disciplinary background and is mainly representational and ecopoetic, although we can work on all perspectives and spheres of environmental and ecological designs, in a manner to offer sustainable designs to our clientele.

Our Creative Director, Gwen Aoife Swan, is a Mathematician, a Visual Arts Critic, a Cultural Psychoanalyst, a recognized and acclaimed artist by large Canadian corporations, and is an honorable member of WEAD: - Women Ecological Artists Directory.